Proyecto Pedagogico

We base the pedagogical framework of our project on six core pillars:

-Nature: We use the natural world as our classroom and Mother Nature as our teacher! We
encourage children to live in harmony with the natural world, in harmony with those around
them, and in harmony with themselves.

-Spontaneity: Free and spontaneous play is the foundation of all learning. Children discover
themselves and the world around them by responding to their inner curiosity in a natural,
uninhibited manner. We deeply value and encourage this mode of self-expressive learning.

-Time: We value the importance of following the rhythm and pace of the little ones. We allow
the children to do things in their own time and provide them with a space to express

-Respect: A fundamental outcome for us is that the children learn to love and respect one
another; developing autonomy in their own lives while simultaneously considering how their
actions affect the lives of others. We place an emphasis on understanding emotions and
managing one’s physical and mental wellbeing - thus promoting health and happiness for the
children going forward.

-Exploration: The children who come to our centre are the pioneers of their own
discoveries. We encourage them to explore with all their senses and to interact with the
world around them in a physical manner. The children learn by doing real life skills such as
gardening, tending for animals, and cooking.

-Attention: We keep the ratio of children to workers very low to ensure that each and every
child receives optimal care and attention. This allows for the formation of close bonds and
effective, personal relationships between all the participants.