Behind all this there’s an Italian-American family living in the mountains of Alpujarra, Granada.


We had the vision of providing a better future for the children in the community around us, and now we are working flat-out every day to make this vision a reality.

Prior to the Little Vedas project, we each spent many years studying various pedagogical theories and practicing different modes of teaching.


Our greatest inspirations came from the likes of Bosqueescuela, Montessori, Pikler, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, Rebecca Wild and Sudbury Valley, though our approach draws on various other philosophies, practices, and cultural influences from all over the world.

Through our studies and our forays into the world of education, we became increasingly aware of the ways in which the conventional educational systems were failing our children. We realised that if things were to change, we needed to provide an alternative; and thus, Little Vedas was born.

Today we are successfully realising this vision; offering a safe, nurturing space in nature for children to learn and grow. Each day we strive to be better and do better for the kids in our care. It’s a lot of work, but the reward of helping children to develop their self-confidence and achieve their potential is undoubtedly worth it! 


The Team


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I’ve been in the world of education for 8 years and have spent time working with both children and adults alike. This has included time spent teaching and training in Vietnam, Spain, Italy, Scotland and Portugal across a range of approved schools, private centers, multinationals and non-profit associations.

My accademic background began in Scotland and finished with a Masters in Neuroscience awarded by the Pomeu Fabra University of Barcelona. Here I specialized in child development and language acquisition. Since graduating, I have been continuously updating and enriching my training in this field as it is an area that I am deeply fascinated by. As a result, I have subsequently become a free time monitor and professionally trained by the Italian Relational Psychomotor Institute.

In 2014 I left my job at a large company to dedicate myself full time to my greatest passion:
early childhood development and education. With my life partner, David, I accompanied children and adults towards integral wellbeing through yoga and meditation, before dedicating all my time and energy into Little Vedas.


My motivation for this project stems from the personal desire to create an educational space for my own child, as well as a professional and vocational desire to provide similar opportunities to the children of Granada (and beyond!). I believe that educating children is the most important step towards a more joyful and harmonious future, and I’m striving to do everything I can to help bring this about!


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I’ve been teaching English to children of all ages for the last 3 years. My classes focus on interpersonal communication and harnessing language in real life, everyday situations. Alongside this, I am certified by the World Yoga Association to the highest level of mastery (Yoga Alliance 500hrs). I use this to accompany children in the discovery and exploration of gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and as a bridge to work on their emotions.

I am motivated by my own personal experiences growing up in the US school system. I felt that the school’s pedagogical approach discouraged independent learning rather than stimulating it. Furthermore, the lack of open green spaces, combined with the neglect of emotional wellbeing, created a distinctly cold and hostile environment for personal development. I believe that the child should be at the center of education rather than the authoritarian figure of a teacher or a professor, and I subsequently took it upon myself to try and address these problems for the future generation.

I feel committed to this project as I want to provide a creative, innovative environment that allows kids to explore their potential in a safe and caring space. My aim is to provide children with skills that are of great value in the modern world, such as bilingualism, self-confidence, and innovation.