"Your values define who you really are. Your real identity is the sum total of your


 (Assegid Habtewold).

All the actions, beliefs and goals of this project are guided by the following foundational values:

RESPECT: We aim to cultivate courtesy and respect; both towards oneself and towards others.

HONESTY: We promote integrity and foster honesty as the basis for all relationships that develop.

RESPONSIBILITY: We advocate for an understanding that our actions have consequences, affecting both the environment and those around us.

LOVE: We are guided by our hearts. Love is at the centre of all we do and it is love that brings us all together.

TRUST: We strive to create a safe, trusting space for children to build their confidence and subsequently foster faith in their own abilities.

GRATITUDE: We practice giving thanks everyday to show appreciation for what we have and to acknowledge the value, meaning, and worth in our lives.